Horror on the Orient Express

Events of Paris


After arriving in Paris and finding suitable lodgings, providing fine Continental breakfasts, you began your search at the most likely place to find historical documents, Le Bibliotheque Nationale. Rebuking the offers of a young French grad student who wished to work with you for a modest fee (after all, what do professors need of grad students?), you found numerous references to an incident in the time of pre-Revolutionary France. After attending an opportune lecture given by the history department of the Sorbonne, the group headed to Le Bibliotheque du Arsenal and finds records of a certain Comte Fenalik who once lived in the town of Poissy and was last known to have been locked up at the Charenton Asylum. Luckily, this asylum still existed, and by the simple bribe of good food and drink, you found out about recent events that may have been linked to this Fenalik. In the interests of your research, young Ferencz and Prof. von Breisgau had themselves admitted by the Swedish doctor, that they may rest and relax their nerves. Receiving numerous baths, massages, foot treatments, and therapy sessions during the day, they find out that the inmates speak of a horror during the nights, a horror that comes to visit the two investigators. A horrid visage awakens them from slumber, questioning them in Ancient Latin, Greek, and an old dialect of French, as to their purpose. The investigators wisely answer the figure, who then disappears from their locked room, as if he had never been there.

Upon exiting the asylum, more rattled than upon entrance despite all the massages, the group decided to venture towards Poissy and seek out the remains of the manor of Comte Fenalik. Arriving there, they found it occupied by a young doctor and his family, all of which were suffering from strange maladies related to their left arm. A search of the attic recovered an old plan of the grounds, with which the group was able to find their way to the old cellar of the Comte. Horrific sites and numerous skeletons awaited them, and underneath a strange, oozing thorn-bush, the arm of a statue. The first piece of the Sedefkar Simulacrum. As it was retrieved, a strange mist fell across the group, but within moments, it was gone.

Returning back to their lodgings in Paris, the group readied themselves for their next leg of the journey and boarded the Orient Express.



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