Horror on the Orient Express

The Orient Express - Paris to Lausanne

Paris, Lausanne, Orient Express.

Boarding the Orient-Express, you were amazed by the large crowd that had gathered to see of Caterina Cavollaro, the Italian soprano who is famous throughout Europe. Boarding the train, you relax into the splendor and sumptuousness that the Orient-Express is famous for. A luxurious meal awaited, followed by drinks in the salon car, where you happened to make the acquaintance of the diva herself. She was enchanted by the cultured and diverse air of your group, comprised of a professor, doctor, priest, former cop, and a student. So enchanted, in fact, that she insisted on booking rooms for you at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele for when you arrive in Milan, and obtained promises from all of you that you would attend one of her performances.

At about 2:00 am, the diva departed for a moment and then returned wearing a silver gown, her eyes darkened with mascara, a silver ankh hanging about her neck. She first told the assembled people of her first experiences at the opera, and how she since she was 5 she had wanted to become a singer. Then she began to sing an aria from Aida, a beautiful, haunting song that set your hearts at ease and, for a moment, your minds at peace.

Not long after she finished, to thunderous applause, Signorina Cavollaro took her leave, and the rest of you decided to catch what little sleep you could before arriving in Lausanne.



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