Horror on the Orient Express

Events of London


In the Beginning

At the beginning of our adventure, you all found yourselves in London, England, where you attended the famous Challenger Foundation. This was at the invitation of Professor Smith, who the next day contacted you by means of a disturbing note. Rushing to his aide, you found a badly burned Prof. Smith lying on a bed in a cheap quarter of London. He revealed to you that he had been on the trail of an ancient artifact, the Sedefkar Simulacrum, a statue of great antiquity, the segments of which have been scattered across Europe. However, other forces seem bent on finding the artifact as well, for they attacked the Professor and burned down his house. He beseeches you to take up his work and find the statue before hands with darker intent seize upon it. Collapsing into exhaustion, his manservant Beddows endows you with a sizable stipend and suggests that you take the Simplon-Orient Express, as its numerous stops throughout Europe should provide a convenient means of transportation in this endeavor.

The group expressed its disapproval at leaving the Professor in the state is in, but they were interrupted by what seemed like thousands of small motes of fire, which burst into the room. “They’ve found me!” the Professor shrieked on the other wall of flames, and you all fled from the horrific site.

The Doom Train
The next day, after a fine continental breakfast, upon perusal of the paper you found some interesting notes about a man who had apparently died three times in one night, as well as some interesting news about a local train enthusiast who had gone missing amidst strange circumstances. Investigation revealed a link between the apparently dead man, one Mehmet Makryat, and the disappeared man, a Henry Stanley, who had recently purchased a model train set from the aforementioned. This eventually led you to the train set, which was in the basement of the London Trainspotters Association. A very congenial man, Arthur Butters, allowed you to examine the train. After turning it on, to your astonishment a real train burst through the walls of the basement, filling the room with smoke. Passengers in old garb exited the train and began quickly asking questions, when suddenly they all turned upon Fernando de Castillo, the Spanish occultist who had volunteered to set the train in motion, and seizing him pulled him onto the train. You watched, hesitant as to whether you should follow, when the train departed and in the window you could see the screaming faces of Henry Stanley and Fernando.

Summoning the train once more, this time Prof. von Breisgau led the charge, swinging his cane left and right. Once aboard the train, it departed, and the passengers faces turned grim and eery. Seizing Fernando, you watch in horror as one of the fiends presses its lips to his and seemed to suck the very life force from his body. You thought yourselves done for, when at the other end of the car a man appeared and yelled for you to run through. Evading their clutching hands, you reached safety in the other car, to find this man, Randolph Alexis. Trapped in this dimension for over 40 years, and quite insane, you follow him by a compartment filled with the gnawed-upon remains of his son. But this barely prepares you for the sight of a recreated train-set constructed from offal and intestines. Between you, you are able to figure out how to conjure the spell accurately, but the undead passengers had by that time broken through the door and were attacking from all sides, some even climbing through the windows. Young Ferencz Horvath assisted Randolph in moving a heart around the track, simulating the circuit of the train, while the Professor and the retired policeman held the attackers at bay. Finally, the spell is completed, and the train finds itself back on the track in England, though an occupied track! With only seconds to spare, the group leaps from the train, but not before Prof. von Breisgau stabs Randolph with his swordcane, hoping to prevent any further dastardly deeds. But it seems that this was not enough, for after their terrific jump, the group sees the insane old coot running off in the other direction. Prof. von Breisgau swears vengeance, and you all return to the safety of your hotel, Henry Stanley in tow.



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